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Brahms was a master of drawing sonic richness and emotional diversity from the small performing forces of chamber ensembles. In a combination not often heard in chamber music, Brahms’ Horn Trio shows how well the horn, violin and piano resonate with one another in lyrical and dramatic expression. So strange was this combination that an early critic refused to accept it as a legitimate piece of chamber music!

Reminiscent of the German landscapes of the Black Forest, where Brahms wrote the piece, the Romantic warmth of the trio is also enveloped with grief from the recent loss of his mother, Christiane.

In this special concert, Kathy Selby on piano will be joined by Susie Park on violin and Nick Mooney on French horn.

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  • Brahms
    Trio for Piano, Violin, and Horn in E flat major, Op.40

  • Susie Park
    Nick Mooney
    Kathy Selby