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City Recital Hall would like to thank its Founding Donors who underpin the continuity and success of City Recital Hall as the cultural heart of Sydney.

City Recital Hall prides itself on creating exceptional live concert experiences for Sydney audiences. Artists and audiences alike are enchanted by the Hall’s acoustic quality and intimate setting. With your help, we can continue to be the home for artists in Sydney, where they can create, explore and share their music with engaged and passionate audiences. As a not-for-profit company, we rely on the support of the community to help us thrive. Please consider donating to City Recital Hall and support the future of extraordinary live music in Sydney.


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Kate Ceberano, performer

"City Recital Hall feels like home and it’s the artists own playground! In addition to that it sits in amongst the chaos of business and tall buildings like a rose! A balm, a succour, a haven for the heart and soul! Culture has never been in safer hands!"


Christine Johnstone, performer

"The fierce commitment to supporting and nurturing artists, established and emerging, in forging their own unique voice, and creating bold, original work without fear, is what makes City Recital Hall a creative lifeblood in Sydney, and for me has become a big part of that global 'home'"

Testimonials from our audience

"Best room in Sydney. Sound always impeccable."

"Peaches is an exceptional and unconventional artist and the venue seemed an unlikely choice. It turned out to be perfect - so intimate and felt like a community."

"This may have been the best sounding concert I have ever experienced. Hats off to your tech crew."

"Absolutely incredible seeing the City Recital Hall transformed into a dance floor. Best night i’ve ever experienced there"

Thank you to our supporters

Image credits: Nick Gilbert, Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra; Simon Bernhardt, The Music of James Bond; Katelyn-Jane Dunn, Extended Play.