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This event has been cancelled.

Brighten your day with an hour of sublime music in the heart of the CBD. Sydney’s favourite lunchtime concert series returns in 2020 with twelve uplifting concerts performed by Australia’s finest artists.

Pick your favourite, or better yet, set yourself up for a year of beautiful musical lunchtimes with a five, eight or twelve-concert package. 

Ensemble Apex is a cutting edge orchestra described by Limelight Magazine as “one of the most exciting ensembles on the Sydney scene”.

This program pitches an Australian premiere alongside a well-loved masterwork by two European composers. Jean Sibelius' Violin Concerto is a staple of any violinists' repertoire known for its extreme virtuosity and dazzling orchestral effects. Harry Ward takes centre stage in this performance and is sure to leave you wanting more. The Riot of Spring is a relatively new work by Dmitri Korliandski written as a response to rave culture, dubstep and drum and bass music. Without giving too much away, the work sees the breakdown of the fourth wall between performers and audience. 

Feel free to bring your lunch into the auditorium. Our Ground Level bar is stocked with a range of light meal options.


Take your pick from one (or all!) of the 12 events in our 2020 A Little Lunch Music series:  

Happy Birthday Beethoven – Tue 28 Jan 12:30pm

Elena Kats-Chernin In Conversation – Tue 25 Feb 12:30pm

Figaro for Winds – Australian National Academy of Music – Thu 19 Mar 12:30pm

Zeeko – The Whale and the Curlew – Thu 16 Apr 12:30pm

The Morrisons – Thu 4 Jun 12:30pm

Mucho Mambo – Thu 16 Jul 12:30pm

Beethoven’s Violin – Mon 10 Aug 12:30pm

Miriam Lieberman Trio – Thu 3 Sep 12:30pm

Guitar Trek – Tue 13 Oct 12:30pm

1984! The Musical! – Tue 24 Nov 12:30pm

Kristin Berardi and Sam Anning – Thu 17 Dec 12:30pm

Details correct at time of publication

  • Jean Sibelius
    Violin Concerto
    Dmitri Kourliandski
    The Riot of Spring


  • Featuring
    Ensemble Apex
    Sam Weller
    Violin soloist
    Harry Ward