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Take an intriguing musical journey around the Mediterranean, with the brilliant Israeli mandolist Avi Avital and the spectacular Italian cellist Giovanni Sollima as your guides!

Touring for Musica Viva Australia, this concert is your passport to a rich musical landscape, covering four centuries of culture from opposite sides of the sea. These good mates will use words and music to share traditional Salento, Bulgarian, Turkish, Sephardic and Macedonian works. They’ll also forge new traditions when Giovanni plays one of his own improvisations, followed by Tarantella orientale from composer Eliodoro Sollima.

Nestled between these experiences will be a couple of Baroque sonatas (enter Italian legends Scarlatti and Castello), and a 17th-century canzona from Frescobaldi.

So come along. Listen to music with world roots brought to local stages. Be part of a musical community as diverse as Australia.

[Avital is] one of those rare musicians whose scintillating virtuosity is amazing and whose innate musicality creates utterly convincing interpretations.

The Australian

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  • 'Mediterranean'

    Traditional Sephardic
    Yo en la prison
    Traditional Turkish
    Nacyem Nacyem
    Traditional Macedonian
    Ako umran il zaginam
    Sonata in D Minor, K89
    ‘Federico II’ from Il viaggio in Italia
    ‘Alep Pesce’ from Il bestiario di Leonardo
    Sonata No. 4
    Tarantella orientale (1939)
    Canzona No. 3
    Traditional Sephardic
    Una org
    Traditional Salento
    Fronni d’alia
  • Avi Avital
    Giovanni Sollima