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A quartet of musical soloists and friends come together to explore their passion for Arabic music's Tarab, the state of euphoria a music listener reaches. Established virtuosos and performance artists in their respective rights, they have long crossed musical paths on various projects and now come together for a performance “conversation” in Qudud Halabiya (musical measures of Aleppo) - a musical genre originating from Andalusia that was further crafted and popularised in the courts of Aleppo, Syria. The Rubai is; Maissa Alameddine vocalist, multi-disciplinary artist and Creative Director of Arab Theatre Studio's musical project Ensemble Dandana, Hamed Sadeghi multi ARIA award nominee, tar player and composer, James Tawadros multi ARIA Award winner and world-class percussionist in the Arabic Riq, Mohammed Lelo master of Qanun and Arabic Maqam specialist, Leader of Ensemble Dandana.

Vocalist Maissa Alameddine will set the tone with traditional Mawals (Melisma) set delicately to rhythmic Arabic music. The repertoire features interpretations of the classical Tarab from Egypt to the Mashriq (Syria, Lebanon and Palestine) and focus on the topics of love and hopeless longing for the beloved and yearning for home. The band will be in conversation together in maqam (Arabic scale) improvisations from Mohammed Lelo on Qanun, Hamed Sadeghi on Tar and James Tawadros on Riq.

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  • Vocals
    Maissa Alameddine
    Hamed Sadeghi
    James Tawadros
    Mohammed Lelo