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Utilities: electricity, air conditioning, standard cleaning and waste disposal.
Back of House facilities: Green Room, Orchestra Room, Dressing Rooms 1-3. Plus for specific times to be confirmed after receipt of Hirer’s Requirements for Function Room, Warm-up Room, and Dressing Room 4, access to internal password-protected Wi-Fi network
Technical equipment: Standard Lighting Rig as per Technical Specifications.
Stage furniture: including orchestral risers, music stands, musicians’ chairs, conductor’s podium, bass stools as per Technical Specifications.
Front of House furniture: Trestle tables and dressings, cocktail and coffee tables, utility chairs.

Utilities: additional cleaning and waste disposal.
Production equipment and services: as per Hirer’s Requirements advised to the Manager a minimum 14 days prior to the Event.
Production personnel: front of house, stage door, technical, changeover and other personnel as required by Hirer’s Requirements.
City Recital Hall pianos: as per Technical Specifications, tuning as per the Rate Sheet.
Food and beverage and catering services.
Ticketing services.
Merchandise services.
Foyers on Levels 2-3 will be made available as required for the Event.
Non Standard rigging: requiring any use of the chain hoists and any movement or reallocation of rigging points as per Technical Specifications.

Changeover meaning a change of stage mode, including a one, two or three metre stage extension, orchestra pit, installation of the front of house audio position, installation of stage carpet, aisle runners, stage drapery, black box or other set up in the Areas Hired.

The Hirer agrees:

  • Operation of the Hall’s technical equipment must be carried out or overseen by the Manager’s technicians
  • CAD plans for non-standard rigging are the responsibility of the Hirer and are to be submitted by a licensed rigger to the Manager for approval with the Hirer’s Requirements.
  • Stage and/or backstage access can only be granted after consultation with the Manager’s Stage Manager
  • The Manager’s Stage Manager approves access to the lighting grid on each occasion. The Hirer’s personnel working in the lighting grid must complete a location specific safety induction prior to the first occasion of working in the area
  • Ladders and risers are available to the Hirer for the safe working at height
  • Penetrating any surface by drilling, nailing, or otherwise is not permitted.
  • Painting of any item on the stage floor is not permitted unless otherwise agreed and supervised by the Manager’s Stage Manager
  • Spray painting, fibre glassing and cutting of MDF are not permitted in any area of the venue.
  • The use of confetti, glitter, flutter or other similar products is not permitted in any area of the venue.
  • Adhering items to walls or other surfaces is not permitted, except with direct permission of the Manager’s staff who will advise the appropriate tape or adhesive
  • Spike boards or donuts must be used by all double bass and cello players
  • In addition to the Hirer’s risk assessment, naked flame, smoke, haze and other permitted effects must only be used with a Fire Safety Officer in attendance and subject to prior approval from CRH Event Manager.
  • Dressing rooms are to be vacated in advance of the Hiring Period concluding
  • Hirer’s instruments, equipment, sets, properties, and costumes must be removed from the venue by the conclusion of the Hiring Period.

Unless otherwise advised by the Hirer, posters and other marketing collateral will be disposed of appropriately at the conclusion of the event or once date-marked materials have expired.

For ticketed events, the Box Office will open from 60 minutes prior to performance start time.

Doors (including access to foyers, the cloakroom, and bars) will always open from 60 minutes prior to performance start time.

Standard interval length at City Recital Hall is 20 minutes. Intervals are not permitted to be shorter than this length. Longer intervals can be discussed with your assigned Event Manager.

Charged per the amount listed in the Rate Sheet.

Payable for each technician used for the performance that is audio-visually recorded. If a performance is audio recorded only, the recording allowance is only payable to the technician responsible audio operation.

Charged per the amount listed in the Rate Sheet.

The Industry Service Fee is payable by the Hirer on all performances as City Recital Hall is a member of Live Performance Australia. 

The Hirer is responsible for all permits applicable to activities outlined in Hirer’s Requirements, for example:

  • Music Licencing – any APRA or PPCA licences and fees required for the event
  • Riggers Licencing – for any rigging
  • Council Permits – for road closures, traffic management, Angel Place loading requirements etc.

The Hirer is responsible for providing a thorough Risk Assessment for activities outlined in Hirer’s Requirements, including:

  • Use of Hall fly/rigging system
  • Use of naked flame
  • Use of pyrotechnics
  • Use of firearms
  • Working with children
  • Any other activity that presents a reasonable risk of injury to audience, performers, or staff

The Risk Assessment must be approved by the Manager. Failure to provide an adequate Risk Assessment is a material breach of the Agreement. Work Method Statements may also be requested based on the Hirer’s Requirements.

The Manager reserves all rights relating to use of the Hall loading dock, and may make available to the Hirer, during the Hiring Period only, no more than two (2) standard passenger car sized spaces (Space One: 9. x 6.3m  Space Two: 10m x 6.3m) in the loading dock for the Hirer’s production and catering vehicles, for which the keys must be left at Stage Door. If the Hirer’s use of the loading dock incurs parking charges, the Manager may pass these charges on to the Hirer.

All deliveries must be advised in advance to your Event Manager including delivery date and time. Deliveries should be addressed to:

Stage Door
Attn: (Event Manager name)
City Recital Hall
2 Angel Place
Sydney NSW 2000

The Manager reserves the right to exclusively conduct merchandise sales in connection with the Event and retains the right to conduct merchandise sales in addition to those conducted on behalf of the Hirer.

The Manager may grant the Hirer permission to conduct merchandise sales or conduct sales on the Hirer’s behalf if requested in the Hirer’s Requirements. In either case, the Manager will retain the Merchandising Commission of 10% of gross sales, applicable Merchant Card Fees and Staff Fees related to the sale of Merchandise in the Event Settlement Statement. If the Manager gives permission for the Hirer to conduct merchandise sales, the Hirer will not be entitled to conduct such sales using the services of any third party contractor unless that contractor has public liability insurance with cover of not less than A$20 million per occurrence in place in respect of such services, with the Manager’s interest noted on the policy, and the Hirer provides the Manager with a certificate of currency for such policy.

The Manager must, after the Hiring Period, provide the Hirer with a statement setting out details of the Merchandising Income and Merchandising Commission, Merchant Card Fees and Staff Fees and pay the balance to the Hirer.

Should the Hirer conduct merchandise sales, the Hirer must within three (3) business days, after the Hiring Period, provide the Manager with a statement setting out details of the Merchandising Income. The Merchandising Commission and any applicable Staff Fees will be included in the Event Settlement Statement.

The Hirer indemnifies the Manager against all liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses incurred by the Manager relating to the sale of merchandise.

Functions including Pre-event, Interval, and Post-event functions in the Foyers or Function Room must be advised in the Hirer’s Requirements. The Hirer must advise expected attendance, food and beverage requirements, and additional waste disposal and ancillary technical requirements. Catering can only be supplied by CRH. 

Photographing during an event is subject to the following requirements:

  • photographers or videographers engaged by the Hirer must not interfere with patrons’ enjoyment of the performance and must not at any point obstruct the views of patrons
  • camera shutters must be on silent mode
  • under negotiation with CRH, photographers may take photos near the stage for the first ten minutes of the performance after which time the photographers must reposition to the standing area at the rear of Level 1
  • placement of tripods must be discussed with CRH prior to the performance. Tripods must not be placed in aisles, or obstruct egress at any point
  • CRH reserves the right to ask any photographer or videographer to leave the venue if they are deemed to be causing a disturbance to the performance or to patrons


Current and future year Rate Sheet.


All staffing is at the Hirer’s expense unless specified. The Manager may appoint additional staff based on the Hirer’s Requirements.

The Manager will provide a stage door attendant and stage manager.

For Performance Events, the Manager will provide a lighting technician and, if the Event is recorded or amplified, an audio technician.

The Manager will provide such staff at all times during the Hiring Period when the Hirer requires access to back of house areas.

If at any time during the Hiring Period a significant number of personnel are required to be present in back of house areas, the Manager may also provide an assistant stage manager.

If at any time during the Hiring Period the use of rostra is required, the Manager may also provide a Technician.

If any part of the Hall’s smoke detection system is deactivated for the Hire, the Manager must supply a Fire Safety Officer.

The Manager will provide a house manager and ushers for the Event based on the number of levels of seating required for the event.

Staff Adjustments: The Hirer will not be entitled to any reduction to the Staff Fees for any reductions in rostered staff hours within two weeks of the beginning of the Hiring Period.

Taxi Allowance: The Manager is required to pay for Staff to travel to or from their home by taxi between midnight and 7:00am, and the Hirer will be charged by the Manager as per the Rate Sheet or other amount notified by the Manager to the Hirer for each such taxi trip in the Event Settlement Statement.

Missed meal breaks: City Recital Hall’s WHS Policy requires that staff have a 30-minute break after the expiration of every 5 hours of work. Your event schedule must take this into account. A missed meal break penalty will be payable if this break is not taken, and is equivalent to 30 minutes double time.

Break between shifts: City Recital Hall’s WHS Policy requires that staff have a 10-hour break between rostered shifts. If a 10-hour break is not adhered to within a single Hiring Period, all subsequent hours will be at double time.

The Hirer may, by request in the Hirer’s Requirements, and subject to the Manager’s prior written approval, supply specialist technical personnel for the purposes of the Event.

All personnel provided by the Hirer must:

  • have minimum industry standard qualifications, details of which to be made available to the Manager prior to the start of the Hiring Period;
  • operate the Hall Facilities in accordance with the Guidelines;
  • comply with WHS Legislation;
  • comply with the Manager’s dress code; and
  • comply with any reasonable directions of the Manager.

The Hirer acknowledges that the Manager’s authorised Staff are entitled to supervise and provide directions to, staff supplied by the Hirer but without any responsibility or liability of the Manager in that regard.


The Hirer is responsible for the cost of all advertisements. The marketing support available to the Hirer is documented in Marketing Event Support.

All advertisements must be provided for approval seven (7) business days prior to publishing. The Manager reserves the right not to display or distribute marketing collateral that does not comply with the below guidelines:

The Manager will provide the Hirer with a unique internet address for internet ticket sales if applicable.

The Hirer is responsible for obtaining the correct permissions for republishing images, music files, and any other creative property. The Manager accepts no responsibility for content that has been provided by the Hirer for promotional use that may be in breach of copyright.

The Hirer acknowledges any approval given by the Manager does not amount to an agreement by the Manager that the Advertisement complies with relevant law.

The Hirer must not display or erect any lettering, signs, pictures, advertisements or notices on any part of the Hall, or remove or obscure any of the Hall or Manager’s advertising without the Manager’s prior written approval.

The placement of marketing collateral including brochures and flyers in the foyers is determined by the Manager. In venue collateral must not be moved by the Hirer. The Hirer must not distribute collateral outside the venue.

The Manager may include information relating to the Event in its advertisements and use the Hall’s advertising facilities during the Hiring Period to advertise other events or for any other purpose, provided that such use and advertising does not disrupt or interfere with the Event.

The following requirements must be adhered to in all advertisements and marketing collateral:

Venue Name: The name of the venue should always be referred to in collateral in full as ‘City Recital Hall’. It cannot be abbreviated.

Trade Marks: The Trade Mark(s) as described below

Booking Fees: include the words ‘booking fees per transaction apply’, and state the booking fee amounts in accordance with consumer laws:

For events where all ticket prices are $30.00 or less: Online $5.95, Phone/Email $6.95, In Person Free
For events where all ticket prices are $30.01 or more: Online $6.95, Phone/Email $8.50, In Person Free

Box Office Details: The Hirer must include the following Box Office Details in promotional material for the Event:

City Recital Hall
2 Angel Place, Sydney
Phone: 02 8256 2222 Website:

Agency: specify the Manager as ticketing agent for Ticket Sales, or if sub-agent(s) have been approved, the reference to the Manager as primary agent must be of greater prominence than the reference to sub-agents.

The Manager grants to the Hirer a non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty free licence to use Trade Mark 1, and subject to the Use of Trade Marks to use Trade Mark 2, during the Hiring Period in relation to the promotion and marketing of the Event.

The Hirer acknowledges that:

  • it is not permitted to grant a sub-licence of the rights granted to it under the Guidelines except to the extent expressly granted to the Hirer under this agreement, the Hirer will have none of the powers conferred on an authorised user of a trade mark by section 26 of the Trade Marks Act 1995 and any corresponding legislation.
  • The rights granted to the Hirer under the Guidelines terminate automatically on the earlier of the termination of this agreement and the termination or expiry of the Ongoing Funding Agreement between the Manager and the Council of the City of Sydney for the period 2020-2025. In which case the Hirer must immediately cease use of the Trade Marks; and within 20 Business Days, the Hirer must, at the Manager's option, deliver to the Manager or destroy all materials and any other physical things which contain, refer to or embody the Trade Marks that are in the Hirer's possession, custody or power or the possession, custody or power of any of the Hirer's employees agents or contractors.

In using the Trade Marks, the Hirer must:

  • only use Trade Mark 2 with the Manager’s prior written consent and, if such consent is provided, must only use it in the format specified in the Guidelines
  • not represent in any way that it owns the Trade Marks or is entitled to use them otherwise than as a licensee;
  • comply with and use the Trade Marks in accordance with any directions and guidelines of the Manager as notified to the Hirer from time to time;
  • use its best endeavours not to bring the Trade Marks into disrepute;
  • not use any trade mark, trade name or company name substantially identical or deceptively similar to the Trade Marks; and
  • not use the Trade Marks in a way likely to deceive or cause confusion or prejudice the distinctiveness or value of the Trade Marks or the Manager's goodwill or reputation.

Trade Mark 1
Registered trade mark number:
Owner: Council of the City of Sydney

Trade Mark 2

City Recital Hall logo

Registered trade mark number: 1708627
Owner: Council of the City of Sydney


If the Event is a ticketed event, the Hirer appoints the Manager as its exclusive agent for Ticket Sales and the Hirer must not conduct Ticket Sales. The Manager may appoint one or more sub-agents in respect of the Agency.

The Manager must conduct Ticket Sales in accordance with the Event Build Information Form; and Live Performance Australia’s Ticketing Code of Practice, and the Terms and Conditions published on the Manager’s website. 

The Manager may cease Ticket Sales if the Hirer fails to perform any of its obligations under this agreement.

The Hirer must return a completed Event Build Information and all associated material outlined on that Form by the Due Date, which is 10 business days prior to the earlier of the Hirer’s proposed announce date or on-sale date. If the Event Build Information Form is incomplete by the Due Date, the Manager is not required to meet the Hirer’s announce or on-sale date. 

Tickets can only go on sale after execution of the Hire Agreement and payment of the Deposit. The event page will only go live on the City Recital Hall website on the agreed announce or on-sale date.

Ticketing Fees are charged as per the amount listed in the Rate Sheet. 

The Hirer acknowledges that the Manager is entitled to retain the Inside Charges and City Recital Hall Booking Fees.

The Hirer must pay the Merchant Card Fees. The Merchant Cards Fees will be included in the Event Settlement Statement.

If a sub-agent has been approved, the Hirer must pay the External Ticketing Fees. The External Ticketing Fees will be included in the Event Settlement Statement and must be accounted for when determining the gross ticket price for tickets sold through sub-agencies.




The Manager may provide complimentary tickets to the Hirer in which event the Hirer must pay to the Manager the Complimentary Ticket Fees per ticket printed. The Hirer must not sell Complimentary Tickets.

The Hirer must provide a complete Complimentary Ticket attendee list, including full names and contact telephone numbers. The Attendee list must be received 48 hours prior to the Event, or the Thursday prior if the Event falls on a weekend. Incomplete or late-submitted attendee lists will only be issued at the Manager’s discretion and the Hirer acknowledges that their invitees may not be admitted or seated together. Should more than 50 Complimentary Tickets be requested and approved, the Manager reserves the right to appoint additional Staff at the Hirer’s expense.

The Manager is responsible for collecting from purchaser GST relating to Ticket Sales and must remit the GST amounts to the Hirer on settlement in accordance with the Agreement. The Manager has no other responsibility for any GST payable by the Hirer.

The Manager may refund, in accordance with consumer law and the Live Performance Australia Ticketing Code of Practice, to the original ticket purchaser any monies paid in respect of tickets purchased for the Event, and is under no liability to the Hirer under this agreement or otherwise in respect of the refunded monies. The Manager will endeavour to forward refund requests to the Hirer for approval, but is under no obligation to do so.

If the Manager refunds any amounts to ticket purchasers due to an Event cancellation, the Hirer must pay the Manager the Cancellation Ticketing Fees.

The Cancellation Ticketing Fees are the total of:

  • Twice the sum of all Inside Charges on tickets sold at the time of cancellation.
  • Twice the sum of all Merchant Fees on tickets sold at the time of cancellation.
  • The total Booking Fees on tickets sold at the time of cancellation.

The Manager must provide the Hirer with a Ticket Sales Report as agreed between the Manager and the Hirer.

The Manager must provide the Hirer with a Database Report with the Event Settlement Statement in accordance with the Agreement, and if applicable the Hirer must provide the Manager with a Database Report after settlement for sales by sub-agency.

The Database Report consists of:

Patron Report: details of those people who attended the Event and opted to receive Hirer communication in accordance with the Privacy Amendment Act 2000 and the Privacy Policy, including:

  • Patron Name
  • Patron Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address

End of Event Report:

  • Sales report inclusive of inside charges and GST.
  • Sales report exclusive of inside charges and inclusive of GST.
  • Sales channels breakdown

Other than as set out in the Guidelines, the Manager is not required to account to the Hirer in relation to Ticket Sales.

The Manager owns all information it collects from patrons, including the information in the Database Report and on the Attendee list.

The following seats (Reserved Seats) will be retained by City Recital Hall Box office, both as venue house seats and to fulfil our contractual obligations with City of Sydney:

  • City of Sydney Seats Level 1 E 52-59 (8 seats)
  • City Recital Hall Seats Level 1 G 46-51 (6 seats)

City Recital Hall reserves the right to interchange City Recital Hall and City of Sydney seats within this allocation to best fulfil staff and guest requirements.

Reserved Seats are excluded from any calculation of the Hall’s capacity in relation to the Event.

The Hirer acknowledges that the following seats have a restricted view of the stage:

  • Q & R 9-10 & 96-97 significant sight restriction caused by the corner of Level 2 A boxes.
  • Q 36 & 68 significant sight restriction caused by Level 2 hand rail.
  • R 34 & 71 significant sight restriction caused by Level 2 hand rail.
  • U 35 & 70 significant sight restriction caused by Level 2 hand rail.
  • AV Screens sight restrictions apply to side seats on Level 1.

Any other restricted viewing seats will be determined by the technical requirements of the individual Event.

City Recital Hall is committed to meeting accessibility requirements for all patrons, and therefore all wheelchair positions may only be sold to patrons requiring accessible seating unless specifically agreed to by City Recital Hall. The wheelchair positions are permanently removed and can only be reinstated by special request to CRH. 

  • Level 1 - 0 Metre Extension: BB 39, CC 38:39
  • Level 1 - 1 Metre Extension: BB 39, CC 38:39
  • Level 1 - 2 Metre Extension: CC 38:39, DD 38:39
  • Level 1 - 3 Metre Extension: DD 38:39, EE 38:39
  • Level 1 - Orchestra Pit: EE 38:39, A 38:39
  • Level 2 WH 1, WH 2, S6, S100
  • Level 3 V 33:35, V 71:73

To ensure we can effectively service access requirements for patrons, City Recital Hall Box Office will retain all wheelchair positions and manage sales of them.

City Recital Hall participates in the Companion Card program.  Holders of a Companion Card will be entitled to one complimentary ticket to the Event, when tickets are available to the Event from City Recital Hall’s Box Office, as per the terms and conditions of the Companion Card program found at

City Recital Hall will not charge the Hirer the Complimentary Ticket Fee for any complimentary tickets issued to a Companion Card holder.

If any performance of the Event is sold out, the parties may agree to issue standing room tickets to the Event subject to the Inside and Booking Fees. Standing room can only be sold through the City Recital Hall Box Office. Standing room is located at the rear of the level 1 stalls.

Box Office Hours and Conditions
Counter and Telephone sales:
As listed at
Internet sales: 24 hours 

By written agreement, City Recital Hall may appoint Hirers who manage an independent box office as a Sub-Agent to sell their own tickets. Approval is based upon the Hirer operating in good faith and adhering to the terms and conditions regarding allocations as defined in this document.

Hirer’s Responsibilities:

If City Recital Hall grants approval for the Hirer to sell their own tickets, the Hirer must:

  • Provide the following reports generated by the ticketing system used by the Hirer:
    • daily sales reports
    • full patron list (seating book) to the City Recital Hall Box Office no later than 3 hours prior to the commencement time of the event,
    • settlement report of all sales made within two business days after a performance
  • provide a representative on-site from one hour prior to, and for thirty minutes after, the performance commencement time to comprehensively manage any ticketing issues that may arise related to tickets issued by the sub agent, and
  • supply and configure any ticket scanning device.


  • Manager’s Box Office will manage all allocations.
  • Seats must be of commensurate quality between City Recital Hall and other outlets. It is expected that there will be an open exchange of tickets between outlets to ensure performance sales can be optimised and patrons can be satisfied.
  • All sales outlets must be approved by the Manager prior to allocation.
  • City Recital Hall must have a minimum of 50% of all available seats when tickets go on sale. All holds held by the Hirer are to be included in the Hirer’s 50% allocation.
  • Unless otherwise specifically negotiated prior, 50% of the sellable capacity is worked out on the formula (a-b)/2 = 50% allocation, where
    • “a” is the number of seats in the theatre excluding standing room, i.e. 1,238 when all three levels go on sale.
    • “b” is the number of seats held from sale for mutually agreed production use, plus the Reserved Seats.
  • All unsold tickets which have been allocated outside the Manager’s Box Office must be returned to the Manager no later than one business day prior to each performance.

Third-Party Sub-Agency:

Upon agreement between the Manager and the Hirer, the Manager may facilitate the sale of tickets through a third-party Sub-Agent. Settlement of Sub-Agent sales and charges will adhere to the terms and conditions of any existing agreement between the Sub-Agent and City Recital Hall Ltd.


Full specifications can be found here