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Join us in celebrating The Song Company's 40th Anniversary with a musical event like no other—the world premiere of "Vespers for Mother Earth", an astonishing composition by beloved composer Ross Edwards.

 Joining them on stage in this historic performance at the prestigious City Recital Hall is an eclectic array of instrumental forces, including the groundbreaking Ensemble Offspring, Genevieve Lang (harp), Julian Smiles (cello), Lu Liu (pipa) and Lindsay Dugan (shakuhachi).

Inspired by Monteverdi's masterpiece "Vespero della Beata Vergine", Edwards ingeniously weaves symbols of day and night into a profound contemplation on the pressing ecological crisis of our time. It symbolises both a farewell to humanity's destructive dominance and the dawn of a new era — a rekindling of the sacred feminine principle, embodied by the night. In an eagerly anticipated moment, long-term Artistic Director of The Song Company Roland Peelman returns to direct after a nine-year absence. His masterful guidance ensures this performance will be a true testament to our 40-year journey of excellence.

The program's first half is a celebration of our rich history of collaborations with luminaries of Australian music, including Peter Sculthorpe, Elena Kats-Chernin, Nigel Butterly and Katy Abbott. We also look to the future, showcasing the next generation of composers, including Alice Chance and Sonya Hollowell, and a captivating new work by Angus Davison.

  • First Half

    Peter Sculthorpe, arr. David Matthews
    The Stars Turn (1970)
    Martin Wesley-Smith
    Who Stopped the Rain? (1990)
    Stuart Greenbaum
    A Cicada in the Blackbird's Beak, from Upon the Dark Water (1991)
    Raffaele Marcellino
    Memory, from Fish Tale (1995)
    Elena Kats-Chernin
    Mater (2000)
    Nigel Butterly
    Nightfall, from Paradise Unseen (2001)
    Andrew Ford
    At Night on the Beach; Sleep; Hear the Bird of Day, from Australian Aphorisms (2012/13)
    Katy Abbott
    Flying (2015)
    Alice Chance
    Untitled (2019)
    Sonya Holowell
    Become Like Children (2022)
    Angus Davison
    Lime Song (2024)

    Second Half

    Ross Edwards
    Vespers for Mother Earth

  • The Song Company

    Susannah Lawergren
    Amy Moore
    Jessica O'Donoghue
    Mezzo Soprano
    Hannah Fraser
    Mezzo Soprano
    Timothy Reynolds
    Louis Hurley
    Hayden Barrington
    Andrew O'Connor
    Roland Peelman
    Guest Director

    Ensemble Offspring & Guest Instrumentalists

    Lamorna Nightingale
    James Nightingale
    Alto Saxophone
    Fletcher Cox
    Nigel Crocker
    Claire Edwardes
    Bree van Reyk
    Matthew Doyle
    Lindsay Dugan
    Lu Liu
    Genevieve Lang
    Julian Smiles