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7:00pm - Doors open, Cloakroom DJs
8:00pm - Kee'ahn
8:35pm - Interval
9:00pm - Katie Melua

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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Katie Melua, one of Britain's most successful musical talents, in this rare and unforgettable event. 

Having sold more than 11 million albums and received over 56 platinum awards, Katie Melua is a true icon of contemporary music. Originally from Georgia, Katie's journey took her to the UK, where she honed her craft and emerged with a voice that mesmerizes audiences worldwide.

This special event showcases Katie's rich discography, including hits from her 8 top 10 studio albums such as the self-produced In Winter and her latest work, Love and Money. Known for her extraordinary voice and ability to truly inhabit a song, Katie brings to the stage a blend of soulful melodies and deeply personal storytelling.

Critics have lauded Katie for her "hauntingly beautiful" voice (The Guardian) and her "knack for melding soulful folk with bluesy pop" (The Independent). This event is not just a concert; it's a journey through the emotions and stories that Katie's music encapsulates. Audiences can expect an intimate evening filled with the poetic lyricism and melodic prowess that have become synonymous with Katie Melua's illustrious career. Join us for a night that celebrates the power of music to connect, evoke, and inspire.

Supporting Katie Melua is Kee'ahn.

Kee’ahn is a First Nations musician from North Queensland whose name derives from the Wik word meaning to dance and to play. Effortlessly blending the sounds of soul, R&B and pop throughout their music, Kee'ahn weaves lush melodies and words reminiscent of heartbreak and healing. 

Their rich vocals and hopeful yet vulnerable lyrics champion finding strength in our struggles, encouraging us all to reflect, reinvent, and rejoice in all of our own journeys. Kee’ahn honours their name and Ancestors through their soulful music. Garnering critical acclaim ever since their debut single Better Things, Kee’ahn followed it up the brilliant Sunsets and then their collaboration with Emma Donovan Take No More. They released Catch the Night in November 2023 and have an album planned for 2024.

Bold songwriters. Sublime Acoustics. One night only.

*set times are approximate and subject to change.