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The Lunar New Year Concert 2024 is a musical celebration of the Year of the Dragon. The unique concert features ten outstanding young performers from the Xi'an Song and Dance Theater, forming an innovative ensemble with its own halo. You will see a brand-new way of performance, which is a kind of musical storytelling, emotional visualization, and vivid expression of instrumental performance.

Set against the backdrop of the historical tales of Chang'an in China, this production incorporates traditional Chinese musical instruments such as pipa, guzheng, erhu, and more. Structured into distinct chapters, each marked by unique styles, intentions, and innovative segments, the creative team draws inspiration from the distinctive cultural heritage of Shaanxi. With a fusion of compelling stage concepts and contemporary artistic expressions and various costumes, the performance promises to captivate audiences.

As the annual featured event in the Happy Chinese New Year in Sydney initiated by Ausfeng Events and China Cultural Centre in Sydney since 2014, the concert will showcase diverse creativities and illuminate the depth and breadth of cultural celebrations.

Join us in embracing the cultural richness and artistic brilliance of this spectacular performance.

  • 《丝路回响》Echoes of the Silk Road


    《月下》Under the Moon

    《满庭芳》Fragrance of Blossoms Filling the Hall

    《越人歌》Song of the Yue Boatman

    《胡璇女》Sogdian Whirl Dancers

    《面纱》The Veil


    《菩萨蛮》Buddhist Dancers

    《风竹》Bamboo in the Breeze

    《若相逢》If We Meet Again

    《天涯》The Faraway Land

    《探窗》Look out of the Window

    《但愿人长久》May We All Be Blessed With Longevity

    《安详》Sleep Tight

  • Li Yin
    Liu Mu
    Vocals & Guzheng
    Ma Ruiying
    Li Shuting
    Jiang Yi
    Er Dengbayaer
    Morin khuur
    Liu Sanhu
    Zhao Weichao
    Wang Lei
    Xu Hao