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Sturm Und Drang meets unbridled joy.

This cracker of a concert is jam-packed with stormy sounds and hurtling horsehair. A dazzling evening from a 21st-century ensemble of soloists. AHE performs two key works from Mozart — the 3rd Violin Concerto, with soloist Skye McIntosh, and his 29th symphony — Haydn’s La Passione Symphony and a less familiar but just as exciting work by their Czech contemporary, J B Vanhal.

Artistic Director and soloist Skye McIntosh has chosen two perennial favourites containing some of Mozart’s loveliest writing, arguably the first time it crossed the line from “gifted” to “immortal”. The concerto’s celebrated Adagio is a ravishing aria without words, the violin soaring over the flutes and muted strings, while the A major symphony, from its delectable opening to its galloping finale, is uninterruptedly joyous.

Haydn’s 49th Symphony, La Passione, by contrast, is seriously dramatic, with the nervous energy of CPE Bach, but also seems to look backwards to the Italian baroque; its cascading passages, with horns blazing, conjuring Titian-like dark skies.

Johann Vanhal was admired by both composers, and not just because of his enviable rise from serfdom (literally) to rich, self-made freelancer. His quintessential Sturm und Drang symphonies were very influential on their minor-key masterworks

A dazzling evening from a 21st-century ensemble of period-instrument soloists to rival Haydn’s beloved band.

The Australian Haydn Ensemble is clearly a treasure…

Alan Holley, ClassikON, May 2023

  • Vanhal
    Symphony in G minor Bryan G1
    Symphony No. 29 in A Major K. 201
    Violin Concerto No. 3 in G Major K. 216
    Symphony No. 49 in F minor La Passione

  • Skye McIntosh
    Director, violin
    The Australian Haydn Ensemble