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Christmas without the music of Bach is just not Christmas. We are so fortunate that the humble genius J.S Bach directed his unsurpassed creativity towards this most important of seasons for the Christian World. No other composer before or since has been able to capture the joy of the Nativity and the hope and renewal that springs forth from it so perfectly. Over 6 cantatas, Bach takes us on a journey through the Christmas story from the birth of Jesus, the adoration of the shepherds, the new year and finally, the Epiphany. Conceived on a monumental scale, these cantatas represent the very highest achievement of any composer wishing to encapsulate the joy and mystery of the Nativity.

Every cantata is unique, utilising ever more inventive and brilliant combinations of instruments and soundscapes. It is as joyful for musicians to perform as it is for the audience to listen to, and has stayed with us through the centuries as a source of great joy and consolation. Join us in a blaze of trumpets, timpani, our full choir and orchestra to celebrate this truly special Christmas season, and welcome in the new year joyously with Bach.


  • Christmas Oratorio – J.S. Bach
    Part 1
    ‘Jauchzet, frohlocket, auf, preiset die Tage’
    Part 2
    ‘Und es waren Hirten in derselben Gegend’
    Part 3
    ‘Herrscher des Himmels, erhöre das Lallen’
    Part 4
    ‘Fallt mit Danken, fallt mit Loben’
    Part 5
    ‘Ehre sei dir, Gott, gesungen’
    Part 6
    ‘Herr, wenn die stolzen Feinde schnauben’

  • Bach Akademie Australia Orchestra
    Bach Akademie Australia Choir
    Artistic Director
    Madeleine Easton