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Lola in the Mirror is a love story, first.  But it is also a story of art, crime, mystery and most of all, life.”

Award-winning and bestselling author Trent Dalton has captured readers with books like Boy Swallows Universe, All Our Shimmering Skies and Love Stories. He has made us laugh, and made us cry, but above all, he has drawn us in to his unique world of storytelling. 

His new novel, Lola in the Mirror, is a darkly funny and beautiful story of life, death and a country neck-deep in a housing crisis. Join Trent as he talks about his work's progression from page to stage and screen and how his new novel navigates the intricacies of writing fiction from reality. He delves into that intimate and sometimes-confronting moment we all face when looking in the mirror. Don’t miss him in conversation with author and broadcaster Indira Naidoo.


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