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“The ACO is small in number, but big in impact.”

The Daily Telegraph

Join us as we travel to Italy, a destination rich with art, music and life that has cultivated and inspired generations of composers and musicians.

Bach’s popular Italian Concerto reveals his lasting fascination with the country’s musical innovations, while the great Tuscan cello virtuoso and composer Luigi Boccherini embodies its elegance and grace.

Tchaikovsky wrote his only string sextet, the Souvenir de Florence, during a summer visit to the country. Infused with sunlight and warmth, it basks in the pleasure of being alive.

Here in the present day, another Italian cellist and composer, Giovanni Sollima, invokes a dazzling, infectious energy with his Viaggio in Italia, a musical embodiment of the great luminaries in Italian art, music and literature.

An ACO chamber ensemble brings this music to life with the players in an intricate and ever-changing conversation with one another. Energy is palpably transferred from musician to musician and from the ensemble to you.

  • Thomas Adés
    Arcadiana: I. Venezia Notturna
    Johann Sebastian Bach 
    (arr. string sextet) Italian Concerto, BWV971
    Giovanni Sollima 
    Viaggio in Italia: Selections
    Luigi Boccherini 
    String Quintet in C minor, Op.45, No.1
    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 
    Souvenir de Florence, Op.70

  • Helena Rathbone
    Ike See
    Stefanie Farrands
    Elizabeth Woolnough
    Timo-Veikko Valve
    Julian Thompson