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This concert, directed by the brilliant Erin Helyard, is a celebration of the spectacular.

Handel’s Water Music was an 18th-century show stopper. Commissioned by King George I for a concert on the Thames, all of London turned out to see Handel and his orchestra floating up and down the river on a barge, playing this exciting, lavish music. It’s a foot-tapping party on and off stage, and was such a hit the King demanded an immediate encore!

Pisendel’s Imitation des caractères de la danse is pure Baroque elegance. In just a few short minutes it captures the spirit of different courtly dances and all their refined elegance. Listen as the musicians of the Sydney Symphony dance and swirl around each other.

This is a rare chance to hear our musicians shine in a smaller orchestra, with each virtuosic line ringing out into the City Recital Hall.

  • Pisendel
    Imitation des caractères de la danse
    Water Music

  • Erin Helyard