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The Sublime, the Grand and the Tender conspired to charm the ravished Heart and Ear.

Handel’s Messiah shocked the authorities, disrupted traffic, enthralled its audiences and brought a king to his feet. Composed in just 24 days, it was an instant hit and for almost three centuries has remained one of the world’s favourite choral works: visionary, lyrical and deeply human.

Sydney Chamber Choir is thrilled to be launching its 45th anniversary season with this Baroque masterpiece, performed in true Baroque style with the forces that Handel himself had in mind. There are delights in every bar of this extraordinary score: cascades of melody, intricate webs of counterpoint, orchestral fireworks, poignant and dramatic arias, stately choral splendour, striking harmonies, dancing rhythms, wit and warmth and an infinite variety of vocal and instrumental colours. Messiah is, quite simply, a joy to perform and a joy to hear: an absolute treasure-trove of exquisite arias and glorious choruses.



Act One: 6pm
Interval: 6.55pm
Act Two: 7.35pm
Interval: 8.30pm
Act Three: 8.50pm

Sydney Chamber Choir 2020 three-concert and four-concert packages, including Messiah, are also available now.

Eating at City Recital Hall

One part of Messiah’s story is its close connection to helping children and women. Handel was a lifelong supporter of London’s Foundling Hospital, and a charity concert of Messiah continues to be performed in the hospital’s chapel every year since its first performance there in 1749. With Two Good we are continuing this tradition of supporting women and children in need. For this concert during the first interval, we are selling fresh and delicious meals provided by the social enterprise.

Pre-orders for food are now closed. If you pre-ordered a Two Good meal with your ticket, collection of your meal will be available prior to the concert or during the first interval, adjacent to the bar closest to your door. Additional seating will be available on all levels, including the Function Room on Level 1. Seating will be available on a first-come first-served basis and will include larger share-tables. 

Details are correct at the time of publication

  • George Frideric Handel
  • Conductor
    Sam Allchurch
    Amy Moore
    Stephanie Dillon
    Andrew Goodwin
    Andrew O'Connor
    Sydney Chamber Choir
    The Muffat Collective