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2024 Season

Welcome to the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra’s vibrant new season for 2024. As we embark on a new season, and indeed a new era for the Brandenburg, we invite you to be engaged, be uplifted, be moved and be renewed, with us.

Our 2024 season continues our bold mission to excite, to honour, to reinvent and to reignite the energy of early music with a creative trajectory that takes us to the far edges of the galaxy, to the limits of the imagination, to collective memories stitched into our history and culture, to the corners of the human experience, to the chambers of the heart.

Traversing music from ancient to modern — from the uplifting force of harmonious voices to a single soprano expertly suspending us on the edge of our seats; from the full orchestra, to next-generation soloists taking centre-stage; from narrative based storytelling, to pure sensuality words can barely define — we bring it all to you in 2024.


Tue 27 February - Sat 2 March

Spirited, soulful and unapologetically French, Notre-Dame commemorates eight centuries of exquisite music performed within Notre-Dame de Paris.


Baroque Kaleidoscope

Fri 3 May - Wed 8 May

Brilliant musicians pay homage to the elegance of the Baroque era with contemporary exuberance in a burst of melody and harmony that has transcended centuries.


Night in Versailles

Fri 5 July - Wed 10 July

Treat yourself to a sumptuous sonic and visual palette of immersive theatrical staging inspired by Château de Versailles, and be awakened by the bold, rousing power of Baroque.


Handel's House

Fri 30 August - Sat 7 September

Making her highly anticipated Australian debut, Japan’s Yukie Sato is the songbird takes flight through Handel’s most cherished arias.


Mozart's Jupiter

Tue 29 October - Sat 2 November

Traverse through a trilogy of works from Mozart’s bright constellation with Italian fortepiano virtuoso Francesco Corti.



Noël! Noël!

Wed 11 December - Sat 14 December

From soulful, rare, festive works to the classic chorales you know and love; a night to share with the people who matter, or to simply connect with the spirit of the city, Noël! Noël! is an annual audience favourite.