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City Recital Hall's Disability and Inclusion Plan Goals: 

  1. Improve accessibility to our venue and performances for all people. 
  2. Empower staff with skills and knowledge about accessibility and inclusion. 
  3. Continually identify and challenge ableist and exclusionary thinking in our organisation and practices.
  4. Produce a Disability Equity Plan.

The committee meets regularly to progress these goals.

About City Recital Hall and our disability and inclusion work/progress to date: 

City Recital Hall Ltd is a registered not for profit with the sole task of operating City Recital Hall. The premises are owned by AMP Capital and managed under a sub-lease by the City of Sydney who are responsible for physical changes to the building. City Recital Hall is focused on making systemic changes within our operation.  

Hearing Loop: The auditorium’s hearing loop enables patrons with compatible hearing devices to enjoy performances.  

Wheelchair Positions: There are dedicated wheelchair positions on all levels of the auditorium.  

Courtesy Wheelchairs: There are two courtesy wheelchairs available for any patron who finds themselves needing extra assistance during their visit.  

Level Access: There are four levels open to the general public, all of which are accessible via lifts. All level 1 seats are accessible without stairs, and there are level access seats available on levels 2 and 3 of the auditorium.  

Lift Access: There are lifts to all public levels of the venue and back of house lifts provide access to levels ground up to 4. The lifts are timed to access all levels of the Wilson carpark when the venue is in performance mode.  

Accessible Toilets: There are accessible toilets on the ground floor, in the level 1 fire stairs, on level 2 and 3 adjacent to the lifts. There are also ambulant cubicles in other bathrooms.  

Companion Cards: We accept Companion Cards to all performances in our venue. This program entitles card holders to a complimentary ticket for a companion.  

Assistance Animals: Accredited Assistance animals are welcome at City Recital Hall.  

Access Details: To assist patrons to plan their visit, we provide on our website, step counts between levels, measurements from the middle of the stage to the centre of rows, and seat dimensions.  

Staff Training: Inclusion training was recently undertaken for both permanent and casual staff members.  

What City Recital Hall is working towards for disability and inclusion: 

Hearing: We are investigating new technologies to complement our current hearing loop, to ensure our offering is compatible with the widest possible range of hearing devices.   

Venue Audits: We undertake regular audits of the venue to identify accessibility barriers and work with the City of Sydney to address them.  

Capital Renewal Program: An access consultant has been engaged as part of the City of Sydney led capital renewal program.  

Signage: Our signage is being updated as part of the capital renewal program.  

Industry Consultation: City Recital Hall’s DIP Committee continues to consult with industry associations to determine current best practice in performing arts and cultural venues.  

Accessible Arts: City Recital Hall DIP members and staff are active participants in Accessible Arts programs, training, and workshops.  

Staff Training: Continuing professional development training regarding all forms of access and inclusion training for all staff.   

Reporting: DIP members will be reporting to staff at team meetings, and to the Board at Board Meetings, regularly measuring ourselves against our goals. We will also report on our progress in our annual report.   

Plan Updates: The DIP committee will meet regularly and review this plan on a 6 monthly basis.