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Connecting our past and our future in the present, Season 03 | 23 brought together artists from around the globe and across time. Boundary-pushing electronic artists challenged the concept of live performance, genre-defining alt rock celebrated its history in the now, and timeless songcraft met new possibilities through emerging technology.

Singular Voices: The Milk Carton Kids

Supported by Vera Sola.

Photos: Jess Gleeson

Switched On: Oneohtrix Point Never

Photos: Jess Gleeson

Switched On: Gordi

Supported by Bonniesongs.

Photos: Mikki Gomez

Switched On: Autechre

Performed in complete darkness, so no photos for this one! 

Switched On: The Exploding Universe of Ed Kuepper

Supported by DC Cross.

Photos: Jess Gleeson 

Switched On: Son Little

Supported by Mo'Ju

Photos: Mikki Gomez