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Robyn Archer completes her trilogy of performances at City Recital Hall. Following the success of Que Reste-t-il and Dancing on the Volcano, comes The (Other) Great American Songbook which offers a different portrait of America over time through song covering everything from the Civil War and The Great Depression to many of its citizens’ favourite vices. There are songs about poverty, politics, drunkenness and desire. Accompanied by longtime colleagues Michael Morley (piano) and George Butrumlis (accordion), Robyn (vocals and guitar) delights with an epic range of song, including music by Stephen Foster, Rodgers and Hart, Bob Dylan, P!nk and the odd Broadway hit.

  • Stephen Foster
    Hard Times
    from the diaries of Mrs Price
    Housewife's Lament
    Jimmie Rodgers
     In the Jailhouse Now
    Woody Guthrie
    So Long It’s been Good to Know Ya
    Jay Gorney and Yip Harburg
    Brother Can You Spare a Dime?
    John Ebb and Fred Kandor
     Money Makes the World Go Around
    Adler Ross
     7 1/2 cents
    Jimmy Cox
    Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
    Frank Loesser
    Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat
    W C Fields
    The Fatal Glass of Beer
    Tom Lehrer
    The Vatican Rag
    Rodgers and Hart
    Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered
    Langston Hughes and Kurt Weill
    Lonely House
    Georg Kreisler (translated by Don White)
    Thank God for Hollywood
    Joni Mitchell / Bob Dylan / Pete Seeger / Pink and Billy Mann
    Big Yellow Taxi / Hard Rain / What did you Learn in School Today / Dear Mr. President 
    Cities Medley 


  • Robyn Archer
    vocals, guitar 
    Michael Morley
    George Butrumlis