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Mozart bequeathed wind players some of their most charming and expressive music – think of those delightful concertos for oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon. That team assembles for an irresistibly winsome quartet-concerto.

Sure, this Sinfonia concertante hasn’t survived in quite the form it was completed by Mozart, but it is Mozart at its core, and the four winds could easily be singers in a buoyant ensemble number from one of his operas.

The Symphony No.29 has a magnetic appeal that is authentically Mozartian. The vivid theatricality of its first movement curtain-raiser draws us to the edge of our seats, while the dazzling finale sparks like a firework.

Details are correct at time of publication

  • Mozart
    Sinfonia concertante in E flat for four winds, K297b
    Symphony No.29
  • Violin-Director
    Andrew Haveron
    David Papp
    Francesco Celata
    Euan Harvey
    Fiona McNamara