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Concertos on Fire explores dynamic new directions in classical concert presentation. This concert features one of Australia’s most well-known violin concertos: Maninyas by Ross Edwards alongside the premiere of a brand new concerto Tale of The Firebird composed by Chloé Charody for fire-taming violinist Sonja Schebeck and interdisciplinary acrobatic ensemble The Freestyle Orchestra. Fire becomes an instrument of the ensemble, musicians fly and music springs to life from all corners of the concert hall.

This experimental presentation brings together young musicians from across Europe and Australia and integrates contemporary music, modern circus, and physical theatre, representing the inextricable connection between music and movement.

This performance is supported by the City Recital Hall Bravo Circle

Tale of the Firebird has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Details correct at time of publication

  • Composer
    Chloé Charody
    Sonja Schebeck
    Acrobatic Ensemble
    The Freestyle Orchestra
    Ross Edwards