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A great reminder of just how effective a bit of absurdity can be when it comes to combating serious issues.

Rolling Stone

An hour and a half in the presence of Guthrie is like receiving the most enjoyable and authoritative master class on 20th-century American folk music one could possibly have

The Independent, London

Known for his clever storytelling and classically-styled folk songs of protest against social injustice, Arlo Guthrie is an iconic figure of American folk music. His humorous persona and musical mixture of folk, rock, country, blues and gospel styles, playing both originals and covers, are sure to entertain audiences across Australia.

In 1965, a teenage Guthrie was arrested for littering, and subsequently deemed “not moral enough to join the army”. He recounted these events on his 1967 album Alice’s Restaurant, and the song Alice’s Restaurant Massacree, an 18-minute partially-sung comic monologue opposing the war and the backward reasoning of authority, has become a quintessential anti-establishment anthem. Both the album and song have become folk classics whose storylines still hold relevance in today's political climate.

With a distinguished and varied career spanning almost sixty years, Arlo Guthrie, now in his 70s, has become an American folk elder—a keeper of the flame. 

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