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Australian Bushfires Fundraiser Concert

The last few months have had a devastating impact on our communities, our land and our wildlife. Sydney’s classical music community is rallying together to present a fundraiser concert, with 100% of ticket and bar sales to be donated primarily to the Australian Red Cross (40%) and WIRES Wildlife Rescue (40%), and also to a number of other charities (20%).

City Recital Hall is privileged to be Sydney's home of classical music. A committee of dedicated musicians and organisations will come together to present a program performed by Australia's leading musicians. See below for the full program and artists involved. 

All artists and suppliers will be donating their time and resources, and venue and associated costs will be waived to support this event. 

Broadcast live by ABC Classic

If you wish to make your own separate donation please visit the below websites:

Australian Red Cross


Deepest thanks to Camille Manley who donated the use of her illustration to this event and to Faber Music.

This concert is also supported by:


No booking fees apply for this event. Please note, if you purchase another event at the same time, you will be charged the standard booking fee for that event.

Details correct at time of publication. 

  • Arrive early to hear Emily Granger play the harp in the Ground Level foyer from 6pm. 

    Margaret Throsby, MC


    William Barton, Veronique Serret

    Road Trip
    Sally Whitwell, Sally Walker

    Earth Rise 
    Sydney Philharmonia Choirs, conducted by Luke Byrne

    The Rain Puzzle/Dance of the Paper Umbrellas
    Elena Kats-Chernin and Tamara Anna Cislowska

    'Trout' Quintet D.667: IV. Andantino-Allegretto
    Kathryn Selby, Helena Rathbone, Stefanie Farrands, Julian Smiles, Maxime Bibeau

    Chiome d'oro duet
    Phoenix Chaconne
    Foret Paisibles from Les Indes Galantes
    Taryn Fiebig, Josie Ryan, Koen van Stade, Andrew O'Connor, Alicia Crossley, Fiona Ziegler, Laura Vaughan, Daniel Yeadon, Neal Peres Da Costa, Simon Martyn-Ellis, Marianne Yeomans


    Madame Lark
    Christine Johnston

    Small Town 
    Orchestra, conducted by Erin Helyard

    W.A. MOZART 
    Clarinet Concerto in A major, K.622 III. Allegro 
    James Burke, Orchestra, conducted by Erin Helyard

    Lux Aeterna
    Sydney Philharmonia Choirs, conducted by Luke Byrne

    J.S. BACH
    Mass in B minor BWV 232 Dona Nobis Pacem 
    Choir and Orchestra, conducted by Erin Helyard

  • (In alphabetical order - confirmed to date)

    Chris Allan
    Peta Andreone
    Shelley Andrews
    Ria Andriani
    Meaghan Backhouse
    Jock Baird
    Debra Baker
    Mirei Ballinger
    William Barton
    Phil Barton
    James Beck
    Maxime Bibeau
    Georgina Bitcon
    Dominic Blake
    Anne Blake
    Olga Bodrova
    Jodie Boehme
    Nikki Bogard
    Joshua Borja
    Matt Bruce
    Lucy Bruton
    Anita Burkart
    James Burke
    Nicollette Burr
    Claire Burrell-McDonald
    Jo Burton
    Luke Byrne
    Dimitri Calligeros
    Jamie Castrisos
    Langzi Chiu
    Jess Ciampa
    Tamara Anna Cislowska
    Myee Clohessy
    Julian Coghlan
    Sophie Cole
    Isabel Colman
    Daryl Colquhoun
    Anne Cooke
    Anna Cooper
    Nat Crane
    Jacqueline Cronin
    Alicia Crossley
    Robert Cunningham
    Pam Cunningham
    Rosemary Curtin
    Ian Davies
    James Devenish
    Michael Hugh Dixon
    Mark Donnelly
    Claire Duffy
    Alison Dutton
    Robert Elliott
    Roderick Enriquez
    Rachel Evans
    Stefanie Farrands
    Jessica Farrell
    Taryn Fiebig
    David Fisher
    Rebecca Fitzpatrick
    Anna Fraser
    Sophie Funston
    Rebecca Gill
    Denys Gillespie
    Alice Girle
    Rebecca Gladys-Lee
    Emily Granger
    Victoria Grant
    Paul Green
    Anthony Grimm
    Steven Hankey
    Simon Harris
    Kathryn Harwood
    Vesna Hatezic
    Nick Hazell
    Erin Helyard
    Margaret Hofman
    Kirk Hume
    David Jacobs
    Annabel Jeffery
    Miriam Jeffery
    Carine Jenkins
    Emma Jezek
    Wei Jiang
    David Johnson
    Christine Johnston
    Sue Justice
    Lana Kains
    Elena Kats-Chernin
    Boghos Keleshian
    Marina Kendal
    Bruce Lane
    Chloe Lankshear
    Azumi Lehmann
    Selwyn Lemos
    Yvette Leonard
    Johann Loibl
    Elena Lucio Bello
    Georgia Luikens
    Richard Lynn
    Rachel Maiden
    Simon Martyn-Ellis
    Atalya Masi
    Clara Mazzone
    Alistair McDermott
    Alex McEwan
    Donna McIntosh
    Tijana Miljovska
    Bernadette Mitchell
    Sean Moloney
    Amy Moore
    Charlotte Moore
    Alison Morgan
    Kathleen Morris
    Penelope Morris
    Anna Murakawa
    Eric Nelson
    Jane Nieminska
    Brian Nixon
    Alex Norton
    Andrew O'Connor
    Eve Osborn
    Nathalie O'Toole
    Ruben Palma
    Linda Peach
    Neal Peres Da Costa
    Ian Pettener
    Edward Phillips
    Russell Phillips
    John Pitman
    Shefali Pryor
    Rosemary Quinn
    Daniel Rae
    Elsa Rapon
    Helena Rathbone
    Georgia Rivers
    Olivia Robinson
    Lara Rogerson-Wood
    Virginia Rowlands
    Allison Rowlands
    Josie Ryan
    Yukiko Saeda
    Rainer Saville
    Debbie Scholem
    Kathryn Selby
    Rajah Selvarajah
    Veronique Serrret
    Meg Shaw
    Natalie Shea
    Robert Sherrington
    Nicole Smeulders
    Julian Smiles
    Annalisa Solinas
    Megan Solomon
    Koen van Stade
    Henry Stoke
    Leanne Sullivan
    Vanessa Tammetta
    Ethan Taylor
    Sarah Thompson
    Margaret Throsby
    Lily Tindale
    Narelle Vance Perry
    Laura Vaughan
    Jessica Veliscek Carolan
    Sally Walker
    Alex Walter
    Joanna Warren
    Ben Waters
    George Watkins
    Nick Whiley
    Sally Whitwell
    Jacqui Wilkins
    Justin Williams
    Jaimie Wolbers
    Marianna Wong
    Isaac Wong
    David Wood
    Jonathan Wood
    Liz Woolnough
    Dorothy Wu
    Noriko Yamanaka
    Daniel Yeadon
    Marianne Yeomans
    Alexandra Young
    Leone Ziegler
    Fiona Ziegler