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Dynamic young American artist Jonathan Biss will release the last of his cycle of all of Beethoven’s piano sonatas in 2020, the end of a nine-year journey.

Biss says, ‘Recording Beethoven’s complete sonatas has been among the most overwhelming experiences of my life. The reason for this, I think, is not precisely the difficulty of the music; rather, it is the intensity of the man.’

Beethoven composed sonatas throughout his life and they reflect his moods and obsessions, covering immense ‘emotional territory’. As you’ll hear in this selection Beethoven is volatile, tender, funny and raging. It’s apt that the great Appassionata closes Biss’s recital: ‘Playing Beethoven means giving all of yourself. To play the Appassionata is to storm your way into hell…’

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Biss’s performance is blazing, nimble, fleet of finger and dangerous.

The Guardian
  • Beethoven
    Sonata No.2, Op.2, No.2
    Sonata No.7, Op.10, No.3
    Sonata No.27, Op.90
    Appassionata Sonata, Op.57
  • Piano
    Jonathan Biss