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This event has been cancelled and will not proceed as scheduled.

J.S. Bach’s prolific output contains precious few concertos for violin. The three works that the Baroque genius did leave us with are masterfully composed for the instrument and are cherished by performers and audiences alike. Bach’s works for unaccompanied violin and cello stand as encyclopedic snapshots of 18th-century string technique and offer listeners an intimate view into the mind of the composer and performer.

Bach’s Violin showcases three brilliant Baroque violinists who each bring a personal flair and perspective to Bach’s violin works. Captivating German Baroque violinist Jonas Zschenderlein will make his Australian debut and will be joined by leading Brandenburg string soloists onstage. This all-Bach concert also includes excerpts from Bach’s works for unaccompanied strings and culminates with the timeless Orchestral Suite No.3 in D major.

Details are correct at time of publication

  • Bach
    Concerto for violin in E major, BWV 1042
    Concerto for three violins in D major, BWV 1064R
    Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major, BWV 1068
  • Baroque violin
    Jonas Zschenderlein (Germany)
    Baroque violin
    Shaun Lee-Chen (Australia)
    Conductor, harpsichord
    Paul Dyer
    Australian Brandenburg Orchestra