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This event has been cancelled and will not proceed as scheduled. 

Brighten your day with an hour of sublime music in the heart of the CBD with Sydney’s favourite lunchtime concert series.

Tap-dancing in torture chambers, rats with razzle-dazzle, Big Brother with even bigger star power –1984! The Musical! has it all! Join us on our dystopic romp: a light-hearted comedy in concert about totalitarianism, thought-police, surveillance states, and sex.

1984! The Musical!, which enjoyed its independent theatre debut at the New Theatre earlier this year, returns to the Sydney stage in a shorter, sharper (but no less devastating) concert version for A Little Lunch Music.

This brand new Australian musical serves as a timely reminder that ignorance is strength, freedom is slavery, and (most importantly) comedy is tragedy. 

Will Winston start a revolution, or will he yield to his oppressors? Either way, he’ll sing while trying! There’s never been a better time for an all-singing, all-dancing celebration of Orwell’s masterpiece, with today’s rise of populism, alternative facts, and Nineteen Eighty-Four now being in the public domain. 

Taking Orwell’s classic soul-crushing tale, and adding toe-tapping tunes, 1984! The Musical! is Nineteen Eighty-Four like you’ve never seen it before! 

Pop open the Victory Gin and grab your tickets to this one-off lunchtime concert performance of 1984! The Musical! It’s double-plus-good! 

Feel free to bring your lunch into the auditorium. Our Ground Level bar is stocked with a range of light meal options.


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Please do not attend this event if you are feeling unwell. If you have tickets and are no longer able to attend:

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  • Co-writers
    Diana Reid
    Tom Davidson McLeod
    Riley McCullagh