This Sounds Like Science


Have you ever pondered the inextricable link between science and music? City Recital Hall and Inspiring Australia invite you to explore music on a different level in our free lunchtime series This Sounds Like Science.

Leading Australian researchers lend their expertise to topics including the role of music in breakthrough scientific studies on mental health, memory and even its effectiveness in the operating theatre.

This Sounds Like Science is co-curated with Inspiring Australia, the national strategy for community engagement with the sciences.

Music In The Operating Theatre

Thursday 8 February 12.30pm
The Hush music collection was created by Dr Catherine Crock AM to help reduce the stress and anxiety felt by patients, families and staff at The Royal Children’s Hospital. Discover how this collection has transformed the environment of operating theatres and recovery rooms through the use of specially composed Australian music. Find out more.

Music And The Cosmos

Wednesday 11 April 12.30pm
The link between music and the cosmos runs deep. Discover the profound connection between music and the universe around us through Gustav Holst’s The Planets, accompanied by insights from acclaimed astrophysicist Professor Tamara Davis. Find out more.

Music And Mental Health

Wednesday 18 July 12.30pm
Join researchers Dr Sandra Garrido and Professor Katherine Boydell in an interactive session to experience firsthand how music can affect your mood. Discover how data visualisation and other techniques are used by mental health researchers to explore the relationship between music and the experience of anxiety and depression in order to help manage these conditions. Find out more.

Music And Memory

Thursday 9 August 12.30pm
Professor Muireann Irish explores how the brain responds to music, giving rise to powerful effects even in the face of advancing pathology. How can we use music to improve wellbeing and quality of life for those affected by dementia? Find out more.

Music And Human Evolution

Wednesday 3 October 12.30pm
How did early humans experience and begin to play music, and what is the role it has played in our past? Evolutionary biologist Darren Curnoe explores the role of music in human evolution and why we created it. Find out more.

Duration: approximately 1 hour, no interval 
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