The Exhibition Project

City Recital Hall and The Other Art Fair

The Exhibition Project

Starting in February 2018, City Recital Hall and The Other Art Fair presented by Saatchi Art present the first of four showings of The Exhibition Project. This exciting new exhibition program has been developed to enliven City Recital Hall with contemporary visual art across its foyers and will primarily feature works of emerging artists who participate in The Other Art Fair, Sydney.

The Other Art Fair presented by Saatchi Art is the favourite art fair of audiences in Australia, the US, and the UK to meet and buy directly from the very best emerging and undiscovered artists, carefully selected by a committee of art world experts.

The Exhibition Project provides a unique opportunity to explore the connection between the four groups of musical instruments within an orchestra and four art styles, through the practice of emerging Australian artists who exhibited at The Other Art Fair presented by Saatchi Art.

The four art styles chosen by the curators represent significant modes of artistic practice and endeavour, however in the hands of the selected artists they have been pursued with a refreshing vigour and unique sensibility.


Lana Zegura
Julie Giuffre 

EXHIBITION Three – Strings: Realism

2 August - 28 September

Just as strings carry the melody and harmony within the orchestra realism, in its search to replicate life in its truest form, provides a constant reference point for other art forms.  These works all reflect a classical period in time – photographs that could be still life studies, nudes with classical shapes and fluid bodies, haunting portraits that incorporate various textures and methods and almost Art Deco precision within abstract shapes and monochromatic colours.

Realism: Art style that most people regard as "real art," where the subject of the painting looks very much like the real thing, rather than being stylized or abstracted. (Source:


Anna Thomas
Anna Thomas is a botanical alchemist. She uses liquid nitrogen to transmute botanicals from soft biological things into something momentarily fragile beyond even the most delicate porcelain. She then exultantly smashes or fractures these specimens and photograph the results – quickly before they disintegrate into oxidised mush.

Aleta Lederwasch
Aleta Lederwasch’s practice could be described as a visual mediation. Recently she has been painting the figures into natural environments. She studies the drawing and imagines the figure amongst different natural forms e.g. water, rock, tree, mountain, forest. Once she has decided on the setting she begins adding gouache and watercolour organically. Sometimes she begins painting thinking that the figure will be dissolving into some sort of water body but they end up reclining on rock, or laying on the earth and they end up morphed into a mountain.

Loribelle Spirovski
Born in Manila in 1990, Loribelle Spirovski resettled in Australia in 1999 and thus was influenced by the contrasting images of both places, as well as her parent's mixed European-Asian ethnicities. Drawing inspiration from artists as varied as Francis Bacon, with his characteristically claustrophobic spatial relationships between figures and their surrounds, David Lynch’s dreamlike surrealism, and Olivier Messiaen’s static musical tones, Loribelle’s own inner conflicts were perhaps the earliest and most formative influences on her art.

Chrysa Koukoura
Chrysa Koukoura’s work always starts of as a pen on paper drawing; this is then scanned in to create a digital file, which can then be used as it is or adapted for projects. Chrysa finds inspiration in nature around her, old diagrams and textiles. The length of time taken on pieces varies greatly, some small pieces taking as little as a couple of hours, and larger more detailed pieces taking up to twenty-five hours of solid drawing time.

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The exhibition will be open to the general public from one hour prior to, until the conclusion of, each concert and event at City Recital Hall.

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