Open House - What is Music

City Recital Hall

Open House - What is Music

Open House is supported by Young Henrys.

It’s a Thursday night and you’re ready for a bit of creative entertainment after a day in the office.

Don’t head straight home. Instead, enter a haven of possibilities at City Recital Hall, the beating cultural heart of the city. With Open House, we have curated a series of interactive events to make you laugh, think, or just relax and enjoy. From music trivia and slam poetry sessions, to emerging songwriters and talks on current ideas and issues, Open House will help you unwind in style.

This October join us in some musical ponderings. Have you ever wondered why we sing? Or what happens in our bodies when we “feel” a beat? And really, does classical music actually make you smarter?

The ABC’s new 15-part series What Is Music explores these questions, demystifying and celebrating the power of music.

Think of this Open House session as a kind of show and tell – except with drinks and live performance. The evening will be presented by one of the show’s co-hosts, academic and composer Dan Golding.

You’ll learn how the vocal song has ‘evolved’ through time with a live vocal ensemble performance that spans the gamut of folk, opera, musical theatre, jazz, rock and pop. And a trio of improvising musicians will premiere original, spontaneous compositions – and explain how they create soundscapes and hypnotic patterns using effects and synthesisers.

All this and more as the team behind What is Music share their insights and stories from the show.

And you can make a night of it and grab a ticket for 2by20 at 9pm.

Duration: approximately 90 minutes, including interval 

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This event is held in the City Recital Hall ground floor foyer. Seating is in a cocktail-table format, and capacity is limited, so make sure you arrive early to ensure you get a seat!

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