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City Recital Hall invites emerging visual artists to be part of The Exhibition Project, our exhibition program at our venue in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

The Exhibition Project commenced in 2018 as a collaboration between City Recital Hall and The Other Art Fair presented by Saatchi Art. In 2020, we will be expanding The Exhibition Project to include works by artists who participate in The Other Art Fair as well as other emerging artists.

City Recital Hall is a 1,200-seat performing arts venue located in the Angel Place laneway precinct. The venue presents and hosts more than 270 concerts and events each year, attracting an audience of over 175,000. Our audience is broad, ranging from those with established tastes to those wanting to explore new ideas and in search of intellectual stimulation as well as entertainment. All enjoy connecting with like-minded individuals who see arts and culture as a key part of their lives.


Our foyers offer 70 metres of hanging space across three levels, on a wire and hook hanging system.

  • Level 1 –  approximately 12 linear metres of wall space
  • Level 2 – approximately 34 linear metres of wall space available
  • Level 3 – approximately 24 linear metres of wall space available


There are no exhibition fees for participation, however artists will be required to:

  • Provide a minimum of 8 professionally presented works that are framed and/or ready to hang complete with hanging wires, or the like, securely attached
  • Deliver works to the venue in appropriate packing (bubble wrap, tissue etc) and appropriately labelled, which can be re-used to pack the works during deinstallation
  • Provide any specific installation instructions if required, or be available to assist with installation and deinstallation
  • Cover the costs of transporting works to and from City Recital Hall and any associated insurance

All works can be made available for sale. There is no commission payable.

City Recital Hall will provide the following:

  • Installers to install and deinstall your work
  • Signage at the venue to promote your work, including artwork labels
  • Promotion of the exhibition on the City Recital Hall website and to our database
  • An opening event to launch each exhibition
  • Public Liability and Goods in Custody insurance whilst your work is located at City Recital Hall, as long as a formal Loan Agreement is in place prior to the work being delivered on-site

Things to note:

  • Our walls are NOT white! Level 1 is painted Citadel Blue with the accent walls of Red Box near the lifts. Walls next to the bar are a light bronze pearl. Levels 2 and 3 walls are Midnight Seas and Citabel Blue with accent Red Box walls near the lifts and stairwell.
  • Your works will be exhibited under general foyer lighting in the form of a combination of downlights, fluorescent and LED lights. No spot lighting of works is possible.
  • Depending on the number of works you make available, and the number of artists responding to this call-out, your work may be exhibited on its own, or as part of a group exhibition.
  • Our foyers are generally open one hour prior to a performance, and close 30 minutes after the performance ends. The foyers, and therefore, the exhibition, is not accessible to general public outside of these times, except for special events (for example, the exhibition opening).
  • Our foyers are the gathering place for up to 1200 people before, during and post performances inside the hall. While we will promote the exhibition online and with signage at the venue, because visitors are coming primarily to see a show, they may not engage with the exhibition as deeply as if you were exhibiting at a gallery.
  • Your works will need to be delivered and removed on set dates, as we do not have proper storage facilities for artworks.
  • We cannot accept payment for sale of your work through our system, however, we will be sure to pass on your details to any interested parties.
  • Your work may be photographed or recorded by members of the public and/or audiences for personal purposes while on exhibition.
  • There is no obligation from any participating artist of The Exhibition Project to also participate in The Other Art Fair. This exhibition program is free for all selected artists, other than any freight or framing costs to deliver/hang your works.

Artist Titane Laurent with her work at City Recital Hall

Exhibition of works by Kurt Sorensen at City Recital Hall





If you are interested in being part of this program, please send the following to

  • The completed EOI form (see below) with attached artwork information
  • Images of the works that you propose to exhibit. Each file cannot be more than 1MB
EOI FormCall for Artists Information PDFSample Loan Agreement


  • Who can apply?
    We understand that categorising artists can be fraught, however, for this project, we consider an emerging artist to be someone who considers themselves to be in the early stage of their career. You might have finished art school, or not, but you have already created a modest independent body of work.

    You may be young, or someone who has had a career in a different field and have recently decided to have a career change and prioritise your visual art practice. As a guide, the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) defines an emerging artist as one that "will have practised as a professional artist for less than 5 years."

  • Can artist collectives apply as a group for one exhibition? 
    Sure – we would love you to hear from you!

  • What types of works are you looking for?
    We are open to artists working across mediums, however we can only accept works that are ready to hang on walls, on a wire and hook hanging system.

  • Who will see my work?
    Audiences attending concerts and events at City Recital Hall will have the opportunity to view the exhibition. For a program of events, and therefore exhibition access times, please visit our website at

  • When will I know if my application is successful?
    Depending on the number of applications received, we will contact you within 6 weeks of your application. For the first exhibition in January 2020, we will be in touch before Saturday 21 December 2019.

  • How will you promote the exhibition?
    The exhibition will be promoted on our website at, and through our e-newsletters and other digital channels.
  • What do I need to commit to?
    If selected, you will be to complete a formal Loan Agreement, confirming your commitment to provide your works to us for the duration of the exhibition. A sample Loan Agreement can be downloaded here

  • How will you select the artists?
    City Recital Hall will form a working committee of internal and external advisors, including at least one curator, to select the artists. City Recital Hall reserves the right to make the final artwork selection decisions.

  • How will I be able to sell my work?
    You should provide your contact details as part of the room sheet which we will produce and make available in the foyers during the exhibition. While we are unable to take any payments on your behalf, we will certainly provide your contact details to the interested purchaser, and where possible take their details to pass onto you. Note that any works sold cannot be collected before the end of the exhibition unless we agree that you can substitute another work to replace the work sold. If we agree, then you will be responsible for any costs in deinstalling the sold work and installing the replacement work.

  • Is there anything else I should be aware of?
    All work must be original. As part of the Loan Agreement, you will confirm that your work does not infringe or breach any copyright, performing right or other protected right.

    City Recital Hall reserves the right to refuse to display work, which may bring City Recital Hall or our sponsors (in particular, the City of Sydney) into disrepute, including works that are against our published values, or is deemed unsuitable to display for health or safety reasons.

    We also reserve the right to immediately remove any work at any time during the installation if it is deemed to be a safety risk to the public, employees, contractors, or visitors to City Recital Hall.