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Auditorium / 12pm - 1pm

This exciting program pairs two of composer, Chris Perren's, most acclaimed works and will be a Sydney premiere. The first, Samurai Loops (2015), features both of Nonsemble’s pianists performing together, and was recently selected for New York’s prestigious MATA festival, where it received great acclaim from audiences and organisers. The piece uses a few minutes of footage from the 1967 film Samurai Rebellion, and is part of Perren’s unique ongoing exploration into how complex polyrhythmic patterns can be reflected and elucidated by moving images. The result expertly demonstrates Chris’ artistic aim—weaving together cerebral rhythmic experiments into an emotionally engaging story. 

The second piece is Nonsemble’s most significant work so far. A 30 minute work using the moves of 1953 championship game of Go, Go Seigen vs. Fujisawa Kuranosuke is an experiment in extracting musical ideas from abstract patterns and sequences, and allowing these ideas to develop intuitively into a large-scale work. CutCommon’s Steph Eslake describes the result as blending “post-rock and minimalism to craft a monumental contemporary classic”. Written and premiered in 2014, the piece has been performed in America at the Bang on a Can Summer Festival, across Norway as part of DonkeyJam’s “Games For Ensemble” Tour, and has been featured numerous times on WNYC’s New Sounds with John Schafer. However, it has only twice been performed with the full live visuals crafted to accompany its premiere, and both of these only in Brisbane. This would be the first time Go Seigen would be performed in Sydney, and the first performance with Jaymis Loveday’s bespoke visual accompaniment outside of Brisbane.

Program current at time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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It rocked – quite literally. Nonsemble’s latest release for chamber septet fuses post-rock and minimalism to craft a monumental contemporary classic.

Cut Common


Chris Perren
Samurai Loops
Chris Perren
Go Seigen vs Fujisawa Kuranosuke

Program current at time of publishing but may be subject to change


Flora Wong
Samuel Andrews
Kieran Welch
Briony Luttrell
Cara Tran
Sam Mitchell
Hik Sugimoto
Chris Perren
Guitar, composition
Jaymis Loveday

Artist Bio

Nonsemble inhabit a space between contemporary classical and adventurous pop music, resulting in a diverse output that ranges from sprawling and evocative modern compositions to meticulously crafted chamber-pop. Since forming in 2012, they’ve released two critically acclaimed albums and an EP, played alongside Sigur Ros and Beck at Harvest Festival, were invited to play and talk at TEDxBrisbane, and have toured across Australia, featuring performances at Tasmania’s MONA and Brisbane’s GoMA.

A septet consisting of piano, string quartet, drums and guitar (plus the occasional blast of electronics), the group’s musical backgrounds are as varied as their output: classically trained instrumentalists and seasoned rock players whose musical interests range from obscure electronica and instrumental math-rock to early baroque music. This unique setup and blend of influences provides for a wide palette of sounds. Olafur Arnalds-esque lushness meets Joanna Newsom jubilance, while the shimmering brightness of minimalist composers such as Steve Reich and John Adams rubs shoulders with the intensity of Godspeed You Black Emperor or 65daysofstatic. Nonsemble have a penchant for the rhythmically complex, but theirs is a music where the heart always wins—often in spite of heavy doses of heady conceptualism.

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