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Ground Level Foyer / 11pm - Midnight 

FEED is a work for a solo drummer and feedback that was in development at Testing Grounds and the Brunswick Mechanics Institute in Melbourne from 2017-2018. Microphones on each of the drums are fed through digital processors, and many layers of the amplified and affected sounds are fed out through the speaker system; enveloping the performer and audience in a slowly evolving feedback loop. 

Program current at time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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It’s a slow reveal, and it gradually increases in speed.  It becomes more than just the dialog of a drum set

Bird is the Worm


Nat Grant

Program current at time of publishing but may be subject to change


Nat Grant
Drums, electronics

Artist Bio

Nat Grant is a composer and sound artist working across live performance, installation and sound design; a percussionist and drummer who creates devised, notated, electroacoustic and improvised works for recordings and live performance. Nat has created original music for theatre, dance, film and live art, holds a PhD in composition from the Victorian College of the Arts, and in 2018 received the Age Music Victoria Award for Best Experimental/Avant-Garde Act. Nat teaches instrumental music to people of all ages and is invested in creating community around music and sound making.

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