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Auditorium / 10pm - 11pm

Decibel present a series of new works for acoustic and electronic instruments. New works by Leah Barclay, Kevin Robertson and Loren Holmes/Rosie Halsmith use the Talking Board score paradigm – an innovative, non linear approach to to reading graphic scores within the Decibel ScorePlayer. A  work devised in collaboration with French musique concrète artist Lionel Marchetti  will also be featured, with the composer performing within the ensemble.

Click here to find out more about the Talking Board, and past works in the format.

Program current at time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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Decibel blows the traditional concerto out of the water



Leah Barclay
Fire Atlas*
Loren Holmes and Rosie Holsmith
Kevin Robertson
Meteorite Landscape
Lionel Marchetti
Inland Lake

*World Premiere


Program current at time of publishing but may be subject to change


Cat Hope
Artistic Director, flutes
Lindsay Vickery 
Aaron Wyatt
Tristen Parr
Stuart James
Electronics, piano
Louise Devenish
Lionel Marchetti

Artist Bio

Based in Western Australia, Decibel are world leaders in the integration of acoustic instruments and electronics, the interpretation of graphic notations and pioneering digital score formats for composition and performance. Decibel have commissioned over 60 new works since their foundation in 2009, have toured Europe and Australia, recorded for ABC Classic FM and SWR German Radio, and released five albums to date on Australian and international labels. 2019 celebrates their tenth year.

To find out more about Decibel visit or view their social media channels below. 


Decibel’s performance at Extended Play has been made possible through the generous support of Tura New Music