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Our Reduction Strategies

City Recital Hall Angel Place has engaged in the following reduction strategies:

  • The use of triphosphor fluorescent globes which do not contain mercury and are 100% recyclable. City Recital Hall Angel Place has also arranged a recycling program with our suppliers to return used globes.
  • The air-conditioning system has been programmed using the building monitoring system to run only when rooms are in use, rather than cooling rooms that are empty.
  • Our venue closing protocol ensures only security lights are left on after business hours.
  • Sensor lights have been installed in the toilets to reduce electricity usage levels.
  • Recycled photocopy paper is used.
  • Double-sided printing and copying is used to reduce overall volume of paper.
  • Recycling includes collection of paper and cardboard, cooking oil, glass, used toner, used batteries, used corks and ink cartridges.
  • Dual flushing systems are installed in all toilets.
  • We use a hybrid car (Prius).
  • Our brochures are printed on Envi 100% carbon neutral paper.