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Our Green Project

At City Recital Hall Angel Place we're all very aware that it is our responsibility to play a role in combating climate change. As individuals and as an organisation, we're committed to working towards a vibrant, healthy and clean environment in which to live and work. We understand we will be judged by our actions and so we are seeking to:

  • Improve energy and water efficiency
  • Reduce demand for natural resources
  • Reduce waste and increase recycling
  • Reduce pollution and emissions to air, land and water

After a lot of consideration, we've chosen internationally respected, Australia-based, carbon reduction and management company Climate Friendly™, to help implement a long-term carbon footprint measurement and offset strategy.

"By measuring and offsetting their carbon footprint, City Recital Hall Angel Place is demonstrating its commitment to a triple-bottom line approach to business, where the planet, our community and profits are equally important".
Climate Friendly CEO, Freddy Sharpe

As part of our strategy to offset our emissions we have allocated a proportion of the hiring fee to the purchase of renewable energy carbon credits. This allows our hirers to offset the emissions generated by their event.

We believe that hirers can gain significant advantage through proactively communicating their climate change action to stakeholders. We actively encourage customers to develop a communication activity around offsetting emissions associated with their business or event.

We are going to continue to work with Climate Friendly to benchmark our carbon footprint reductions through carbon accounting and regular measurement. The graph above shows how many green house gas emissions we have offset to date (click on image to enlarge). 

If you'd like to play a role in combating climate change, why not off-set your own personal emissions? Climate Friendly can help:

For more information about Climate Friendly please visit

City Recital Hall Angel Place is committed to making a difference by taking action on climate change now and working toward a clean energy future.