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Make Your Event Climate Friendly...

City Recital Hall Angel Place and Climate Friendly have partnered to provide you with an easy solution for offsetting the emissions from your event when hiring the venue.

Climate Friendly Package

Included in the hiring fee, this package covers 8.03 tonnes of Gold Standard certified renewable energy carbon credits to offset the emissions generated by your event for the day.

With this package you can promote your action against climate change and have access to a Climate Friendly Event pull-up banner in the entry foyer as well as a certificate and the use of the Climate Friendly Logo.

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is the process of measuring your business or event's greenhouse gas emissions then compensating for, or 'offsetting', your emissions by investing in projects that reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emitted globally into the atmosphere.

Footprinting Methodology

The packages have been calculated in accordance with the World Resources Institute's Greenhouse Gas Protocol using a 'control' approach. Using that approach, City Recital Hall Angel Place accounts for all GHG emissions from facilities over which it has financial or operational control.

The Carbon Footprint per event has been estimated by taking the City Recital Hall Angel Place's carbon footprint, subtracting the City Recital Hall Angel Place's own mitigation action and then dividing the remaining emissions by the estimated number of participating events annually.

Total CO2 emissions contribution per participating event: 8.03 tonnes of CO2e.

System and boundary definitions

The minimum operational boundary for events is defined as ‘emissions controlled by organisers’ and emission sources include electricity, natural gas, transport, freight, flights, paper, food and waste.

The emission sources are broken down as follows:

  • Direct emissions – natural gas
  • Indirect emissions – electricity consumption, taxi, flights, freight, food, paper, waste

Emission Factors

All greenhouse gas emissions together with emissions from flights were estimated using emission factors sourced from the following:

  • Latest WRI/WCSD Greenhouse Gas Protocol
  • National factors published by government departments such as DEFRA (UK) and DCC (Australia)
  • Published data from research papers and industry studies

Carbon Credit Certification

All carbon offset credits supplied as part of this project are Certified by the Gold Standard. For more information about Gold Standard Projects visit